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MINE’S Bugeye (Parts Bin:: Mine’s spoiler)

MINES of Japan had a Bugeye WRX demo car back in the day which it debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2001.

One of the parts which Mines came out with for the bugeye WRX was a decklid underspoiler which came in carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Contrary to popular perception the MINES wing was never intended to be a standalone spoiler. In actuality it is an underspoiler meant to be used in conjunction with the WRX wing (which for bugeyes was the standard wing for WRX and WRX STI models)

The idea is that it catches air that travels under the rear WRX wing and maximizes downforce. After 2004 the STI came equipped with a wing that featured a base on the decklid that provided downforce so there was no need for an underspoiler – and the part was eventually discontinued.

Mines produces similar underspoilers for other cars like EVO’s and GTR’s (seen in the background of Pic #1)


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