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Parts Bin: Dangun/Lester WRC mirrors

Just came across these mirrors for the Bugeye (and other GD impreza’s) made by the aftermarket styling company Lester in Italy.

Lester has somewhat flown under the radar in the U.S., but they’ve been making original-design aftermarket parts for Subaru (and others) since  the WRX was released over here.

Similar to the mirrors on the JUN WRX also (…OK maybe that’s the reason I really like them)

They also remind me of the “flamboyant sticky outbits” mirrors on the Mitsubishi Evo FQ400

These are also the correct-year bugeye-style WRC mirrors.  Other companies have WRC-style mirrors out there which fit the bugeye as well but they’re from non-bugeye WRC years (notably Chargespeed mirrors (replicas of the 2004+ WRC mirrors), and RavSpec’s blacktop aero mirrors (replicas of the 2006+ WRC mirrors))

Ever since falling in love with them on the JUN car I have never seen anyone sell this type of WRC mirror in 9 years… and guaranteed that nobody in the USA has them  : D


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