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Parts Bin / DIYs: DIY bugeye mods

DIY mods (or do-it-yourself mods) are inexpensive mods that can be done in your own garage using your own handiwork… when done right it adds a great personal touch to your car for not much money… when done wrong it makes your car look really cheap.  Moderation and an objective sense of taste is the key.

Someone on Nasioc went and found nearly a decades-worth of DIY writeups for the Bugeye, and made a list with all of them in one convenient place.

DIY done right: Iheartmysuby’s Bugeye with DIY splitter under a Prodrive lip, and DIY painted headlights.  definitely look for more on this car in the future.

Another place for DIY’s and step by step install write-ups –> (serving the Subaru community since you could pick up GC 2.5RS’s new in showrooms)


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