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Parts Bin (small): “Backyard Special” style tilted license plate bracket

So one day I’m out walking and I saw a pretty clean looking white S2000 – Noticed it had a cool looking front license plate holder.  Usually, I’m not a fan of those tilted license frames but this had me stopping to take a look. It looked cooool… and made me want it.  After some searching I found out it’s made by JDM Honda tuning company Backyard Special for the S2000 — However it doesn’t work for U.S. and Canadian license plates (only jdm plates).

However Rick’s Signature Accessories in Maryland makes a similar model for U.S. plates.  From the product description: “this is the only front license plate holder of its kind available for the S2000 that fits US and Canadian license plates. It replaces the ugly and arcane holder that comes stock with the car.”

Subaru bumpers actually come with pre-cut holes – this license bracket (made for S2000’s) surprisingly lines up with these holes

However, the hardware provided with the bracket won’t work on a Subaru. I had to get some license plate mounts (available at any hardware store) to fill the 10mm pre-cut holes.

Installed pics:

Love this part.  Way better than the bucktooth and directs airflow to the radiator. I like that it’s simple/clean/functional – but really I think I just like the “speed holes.”

The bracket can be bought at Rick’s Signature Accessories ($32). The license plate mounts (needed to install) are at any hardware or automotive supply store. I found mine at ACE hardware (74 cents)


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  1. Josh

    Hmm…I kinda want this!

    December 23, 2010 at 10:48 am

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