is wonders assenbiled project ★

Drag bugeye: Warwagon

This 10 second wagon gives “you just got beat by a wagon” stickers a new meaning. And with Bilstein PSS9 coilovers on H&R race springs theres a pretty good chance it’ll lose you in the corners too : )







From the owner: “I’m the original owner and the car has over 300,000kms (186,000 miles) on it! Best pass to date 10.26@135.09mph”

more pics:

2.5L block new
2.5L forged crank new
ACL Coated race bearings, rod and crank
ARP 14mm headstuds helicoiled into block 🙂
ARP rod, case bolts
Darton Sleeves-O ringed
Custom Ross pistons 100mm (made to a mold of my heads and made for 50psi of BOOST)
Piston top and sides were coated
Oliver rods
ATi Superdampener
JDM VER 7 2L heads, ported and polished and flowbenched by Gord Bush
Ferera 1mm oversize valves
Ferera titanium retainers , locks, seats
Exhaust valves coated
Custom Kelford NON AVCS cams 280/280 duration with 11.7 lift intake and 11.3 lift exhaust
New 11mm oil pump
New water pump, tensioners, pullies, kevlar belt
JDM Spec C intake manifold ported to match
Full Race twinscroll GT40r kit header ported to match heads
GT4088r twinscroll turbo with upgraded hotside 1.06
Turbo blanket
Headers, up pipe, downpipe, all coated and double wrapped
Perrin fuel rails modified for an fittings
ID 2200cc Injectors
walboro and bosch 44 fuel pumps

Suspension and Brakes:

Bilstien PSS9 coilovers
H&R race springs
DMS fully adjustable camber plates front and rear
Perrin ALK
Perrin adjustable trailing arms with pillowball mounts
Perrin stout mount & 26mm rear sway bar
STi PINK trailing arms with pillowball mounts
Perrin front subframe braces
All suspension bushings are either steel or polyurethane
Subaru 4 pot 2 pot brakes for drag racing
DBA 5000 front rotors, OEM JDM STi rear rotors
Ferodo 3000 pads front and rear
Brembo brakes front and rear OE from 04 STi for all other racing
DBA 5000 front rotors, DBA 4000 rear rotors
Ferodo 2500 pads front and rear

JDM Spec C ra ltd Black seats and door panels
Dash, Apilars , console , rear window surrounds flocked black
JDM Spec C rar shift knob
JDM Ver8 gauges
Defi exhaust temp, boost, oil pressure gauges
Aqua mist DSS3 failsafe gage
Black carpet , headliner etc etc etc
Car has FULL stereo including factory sub under passenger seat!

Volk Racing TE37 Magnesium blue wheels
Full OEM WAGON bodykit (offered everywhere but the U.S.)
Prodrive UK300 projector headlights
JDM STi grille with painted badge pillar
Roof rail delete mod
Carbon fiber rear hatch
WRC Drop in hood vent
Vent scoop


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