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Drag Bugeye #2: La Rata WRX

WRX’s clearly aren’t meant to only go in a straight line, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t do well at it. (I’ve been posting a few because you don’t see too many dedicated drag bugeye wrx builds) If you didn’t know, you do now, Puerto Rico is king when it comes to drag WRX and STI builds with shops like Big Valley Racing. The WRX’s that roll out of P.R. are nothing short of amazing.

So far this blog has covered Bugeyes from the continental U.S., Canada, WRX, Japan, Europe… add P.R. onto the list:

The “La Rata” Bugeye WRX comes from Puerto Rico and has run low 9’s (9.2 @ 15x mph).

sorryfortheblink182sorryfortheblink182sorryfortheblink182… it gets overpowered by Salsa music and 9-sec WRX roar I promise

Some details:
–RRT (Rata Racing Team) in Puerto Rico
–street legal 02 WRX.
–”all boost” (NO nitrous oxide)
–Owner- Edward “La Rata”
–Driver- Roly “rolyco”
–Built EJ257 by Freddie “Clandestino”
–GT40R “the big one”
–Stock STi 6 speed
–DSS stage 2 axles
–Hydra EMS tuned by Junot

Mid to Low 9’s
…Flat 10’s/high 9’s without launch control.

Yep… just a Bugeye WRX dangerously close to running 8’s without nitrous : )


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