is wonders assenbiled project ★

Blåbil’s Bugeye WRX

One of the cleanest executed WRC-themed-lite™ Bugeyes I’ve come across is Blåbil’s Bugeye WRX from Maryland. One poster on Nasioc hit the nail on the head: “It shows how stunning the Bugeye really is with just simple exterior mods.”

Enkei RC-T4 wheels really set the car off nicely. A nice break from the standard (very little thought or effort required) Prodrive faire.

Stance is perfect.

Beautiful JDM front end (headlights, grille, and scoop). I’m normally not a fan of mudflaps or yellow fogs as they have become somewhat clichéd, but on this car it looks sooo perfect.

Visible mods list:
– Prodrive front lip
– 04+ OEM STI wing
– JDM STI projector headlights
– JDM STI GDB front grille
– JDM STI hood scoop
– Enkei RC-T4 wheels
– Prodrive sticker
– Rally Armour (most likely) mudflaps

Clean cars run in the family as his brother Swedemix has a monstrous blue Supra with multiple sets of Volk wheels with heavy dish and full Do Luck kit that is pretty well known in the area

photocreds – swedemix


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