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Parts Bin: SYMS wind-tunnel test bugeye (SYMS full body kit)

Ever since I posted the SPI Motorsports WRX, dubbed “Darth Vader’s WRX” on the cover of Turbo Magazine, I’ve been on a quest to find a photo of the real car worthy of this title… the SYMS wind-tunnel test bugeye.


At the 2002 Tokyo Auto Salon, Subaru-tuner SYMS ( debuted a bugeye display model (pretty sure not an operational car) which featured their aero products for the bugeye. The car was intended to display the extensive wind tunnel testing done for their parts. Like many original-design aero bits from Japan’s top tuners, SYMS aero parts for the bugeye may have been discontinued – they are no longer on their website.

This is a car befitting of the title “Darth Vader’s WRX”…

Though less common than some Japanese manufacturers on the U.S. scene, Syms has been a major player in the Subaru game since the days of the classic GC Impreza – even going so far as to enter a WRX station wagon into JTCC (Japan Touring Car Championship) competition. It was mostly a publicity stunt, the car broke a lot and didn’t finish the season.  However seeing a bright yellow Impreza station wagon flying around the track was quite an eye catcher.  Cusco went on to keep Subaru alive in JGTC (Super GT) with its WRX coupe entry zipping in between McLaren F1’s and Calsonic GT-R’s, while SYMS continued to operate as a Subaru-only aftermarket parts manufacturer and tune shop.

The wind-tunnel car above has the SYMS full bumper kit with integrated grille… one of 2 different aero lineups the company offered for the bugeye (they also offered a lip kit with separate grille, along with a number of wing options)

Syms full bumper kit on a bugeye sedan

(Also seen on this car: CWEST headlight covers for JDM/EDM STI projector headlights, Chargespeed carbon fiber vented hood (with 04+ STI scoop), custom foglights (possibly not a SYMS offering), Zerosports CF front marker ducts, Racing Hart CP035-R wheels),


2 responses

  1. Chris H

    My wrb bugeye has the side and rear lip kit from Syms. It used to have the front lip, but is long gone. All that remains are the ghost lines and broken rivets. 😦 Cool Syms history.

    February 5, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    • johnisjdm

      Hah I know the feeling having had 3 lips and (many) more bumpers on my car.. I think there are replica Syms lips still sold (possibly on eBay). Not that I advocate replicas (actually I’ve had a few rep parts) but better than rivet holes and ghost lines! 🙂

      February 7, 2011 at 11:23 pm

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