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And70’s Bugeye STi-Prodrive wagon

I previously posted a work-in progress shot of this Aussie bugeye, the finished product was well worth the wait:

While Subaru made an STi wagon for the bugeye (in fact it was the last STi wagon), it didn’t come equipped with all that the STI sedan did (missing wide fenders and brembos — no special models like the spec C or STI-Prodrive edition).

This home-made STi wagon from New South Wales, Australia makes up for all of this by putting together a tasteful selection of parts from Subaru’s in-house tuner STI and the STI-Prodrive edition onto a wagon chassis — along with a full STI engine and drivetrain swap.

front and rear sedan fenders — the front fenders are bolt on (and you need certain other sedan parts for it to fit) — the rear fenders are weld on to the existing quarterpanel — not an easy task to install for sure.

STI type RS-Zero wheels, made by RAYS – over STI brembo brakes

type RA spec C flip up roof vent

STI-Prodrive edition front bumper and front grille.  Rare JDM “black chrome finish” (2001 model year only) HID headlights

The amazing thing about this car is that it is comprised of nearly entirely of parts from Subaru’s in-house tuner brand STI (Subaru Technica International)– from the bodykit, to the wheels, to the engine.

Manufacturer in-house tuners are usually far from wild when it comes to aftermarket mods – usually designed to protect warranties. One of the great things about the bugeye is that the aftermarket support FROM SUBARU has been incredible, with multiple parts to choose from for each mod.  (No really think about it:  Want some  brakes?  STI ‘Subaru’ 4/2 pot, STI Brembo 4/2 pot, STI Brembo 6-pot, STI AP Racing homologation… what other manufacturer even does that : )

V7 STI jdm engine with big port heads and Vf30
V7 Jdm STI ecu tuned by MSR
JDM STI spec c dinted top mount
Full Jdm V8 STI loom swap inc waterspray
Walbro fuel pump with Spec C fuel surge chamber
HKS oil cooler
Zero Sports intake pipe, radiator plate and splitter
Greedy radiator
S203 Titanium rear muffler
SS 3″ dump and mid exhaust
Beatrush engine mounts
Beatrush engine tray

Drive Train:
V8 spec c dccd 6 speed
V8 spec c R180 plated rear diff and driveshafts F&R
DCCD Pro controler

Ohlins DFV Coilovers + Swift Springs
STI Titanium front strut brace and STI rear wagon strut brace
STI alloy front control arms with Zero Sports roll Centre adjusters
Rear Alloy STI lateral links and STI pink trailing arms
Carbing full front brace ‘U-brace replace’
Stock STI front sway bar with Flatt Racing links
Rear Cusco sway bar with whiteline links
Paranoid Fab front fender bars
STI spec c 13:1 quick rack

Brembos front and rear
DBA 5000 discs front and stock Brembo discs rear
Prova style front brake ducts

DD – Rays Volk Ce28 17 x 8 +44 – Bridgstone Potenza Re11 235/45/17
Track – BBS Spec c option wheels 17 x 7.5 +53 – Dunlop Direzza OG3 R1 225/45/17

Front sedan fenders
Rear sedan 1/4 conversion
STI Prodrive edition front bar and Grill
Spec c roof vent
Sti Hid black chrome headlights with working leveler
JDM V7 GG STI rear lights – red fog delete

Full V7 JDM STI wagon front, rear seats and door cards
Recaro SPG bucket for track
STI V8 steering Wheel
STI V7 cluster Aus version – 260 Km/H
Defi gauges – Boost, Oil Pressure & Temp, Water Temp


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  1. Andy

    thats my wagon – glad you like it !!!
    cheers Andy

    February 19, 2011 at 12:34 pm

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