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Mixed and Matched: Traction’s bugeye WRX

Another great ‘back in the day’ bugeye representing the Pacific Northwest Subaru scene is Traction’s bugeye WRX sedan.

One thing that I have always noticed is different between tuning Japanese sports cars and cars from Europe or the United States is the incorporation of parts from a plethora of different manufacturers. A car can have wheels from one company, any number of different engine parts, aero parts from another. Different parts of different body kits can even sometimes be mixed-and-matched. The combination can create an amazing visual effect, or look horrible… This is the former.

When you think of German car tuning it’s usually about what one single manufacturer’s parts you have on your ca

In the late 90’s my German neighbor had some of the sweetest EDM-tuned cars straight from Deutschland … a white original mk1 VW Cabrio with BBS RS wheels (before the VW scene here had caught onto the BBS trend), a black heavily modified MKIV cabrio on OZ Racing F1 multipiece wheels… but my favorite by far was a silver 1996 A! AvantGarde Audi A4 – that was already tucking tire and decked out with every part in the A! AvantGarde catalog the same year the A4 came out.

This consistency of parts is true of most German car tuning: Porsche (RUF, TechArt, 9ff), BMW (Hamann, A.C. Schnitzer, Alpina), Mercedes (Renntech, Brabus, etc.). Most manufacturers have their own engine parts, aero parts, and wheels… You don’t see too much crossover between parts of different tuning companies (sometimes you do).

This Bugeye WRX shows how well you can mix and match parts and still have it come togethersporting a GTSpec grille, CWest version 2 bumper, Chargespeed sides, and OEM Subaru rear lip / diffuser

One of the pioneers of wingless…

Not too much known on the engine mods, but here’s what I see as far as mods

Visible parts:
–JDM ‘black chrome’ HID projector headlights (j-spec 2001 model year only)
–GTSpec grille (Zerosports replica with the holes shaved off – though commonly confused for a Liberal replica)
–CWest version 2 bumper
–Chargespeed sides
–OEM Subaru rear lip / diffuser.
–Sparco front seats
–Rear seats custom upholstered in Sparco fabric and Sparco logo embroidery
–JDM STI hood scoop
–Perrin (?) front mount
And the piece de resistance…
–18″ ADVAN RACING RG wheels in gold (discontinued)

I may upload some more pics later…

photocredit on the smaller pics Armin Ausejo


4 responses

  1. I WILL own RG’s someday LOL!

    February 24, 2011 at 1:30 am

  2. Hey love your site. Glad to find other Bugeye enthusiasts as well as find another RG fan/ owner. Love my wheels. 😀 Check out my car in its glory. lol

    So happy spring is here, I can take a break from riding the subway every day and take my Subaru out on the weekends to the meets and shows. Keep up the great work!


    March 2, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    • johnisjdm

      Thanks a lot man — Yeah I know your car (and SQC) very well! Think one of the few times I went to H.I.N. with my car yours was there too. RG1’s are one of the sickest wheels, shame you can’t get them anymore – I guess Advan RG-D with conservative lip is closest thing now 😛

      March 11, 2011 at 12:21 am

  3. RS-Ds are sweet. If I ever swap out for a newer Suby, I’m def getting a set. Have you seen those super rare bronze RGs on the R34 on aclass? Wow.

    March 24, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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