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Track bugeye: ‘Chan Man’s bugeye Spec C

I guess I’m on a Minkara bender lately but so many great bugeyes from that site.  This car is one of my all time favorite bugeyes – a dedicated/purpose-built STI type RA spec C track car owned by ‘Chan Man’ in Japan.

I love it when people put the effort into making their track-only cars still look nice.

If I could sum up this bugeye in one way it would be the ‘Dolph Lundgren’ of bugeyes.  The car runs in the 50’s at Tsukuba Circuit (a feat usually accomplished by no less than high horsepower demo cars Japan’s top tuners).  What makes this car rather unique is the rather unconventional approach it took to getting there — rather than spend ¥¥¥¥ on an engine that puts down insane power levels, the car was injected with a cocktail of chassis, aero, and weight reduction upgrades to squeeze out every last ounce of STI performance.

The car weighs in at 2480 lbs and runs a 59:00 at Tsukuba Circuit.

The bazillion point gusseted roll-cage appears to be built by

Carbon fiber front door.  The rear door is a one-piece fiberglass shell like the one on the back of the HKS TRB-02 / CT230R Evo.

Slick tires

Stripped out interior with half-cut dash

The most menacing looking part of this car I think is the one-off front splitter and canard system adorning a JDM STI version 1 front lip.  Similar to the splitter on the JUN WRX, the splitter keeps the front end planted I’m sure.

Curiously, certain components of the car remain factory – aside from the engine and drivetrain, even the brakes remain factory brembos with Project µ rotor upgrades – no Brembo Monoblock or ENDLESS to be found.  I assume it was done to keep the car in a certain class.  Kind of how a simple turbo upgrade can kick you up into driving with pro-race drivers and built C6 Zo6’s in autocross competition if you’re not careful to follow the rules.

Although even the stock brakes are maximized with a cooling system:


Tsukuba TC2000 Circuit

Amuse GT1 widebody S2000 at 5:47

youtube channel for this car –


2 responses

  1. Chris H

    That bugeye was rippin. I loved the way it revved. Cool vid!

    March 6, 2011 at 5:13 am

  2. Joe

    I want that splitter/canard setup for my bugeye… need more detailed pictures

    October 31, 2011 at 2:53 pm

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