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Parts Bin: JDM Subaru “Ion” Yellow Foglights for Bugeyes

Just scooped up something new for my bugeye : D

This is one thing that I’ve always been jealous of 04-05 STI owners for having available to them (well that and an STI models) – JDM “Ionic” blue yellow foglights. Yellow fogs are used on FIA GT cars because of better visibility in inclement weather. Only recently did I learn that Subaru actually makes them for the bugeye as well.

If you can believe it, these are actually FACTORY Subaru foglights straight from the STI catalog. I think for 8 years I’ve just been glazing over that part of the catalog because I have foglights and I just assumed they were the same that come stock on bugeye WRX’s. However, there’s apparently an option called “Multi-Coating Type” fog lights that I’ve never paid much attention to. I have never seen them on a U.S. bugeye.

Unfortunately they’re not exactly cheap – some sites have them listed at $415 thanks to the less than ideal JPY-to-USD conversion rate. However, sometimes you can get lucky and find one used – I came across a used set at a fraction of the price. I bought a used set of 04-05 ion foglights because I thought “watery eyes” in Japanese referred to the blue color, when what they apparently meant was “teardrop-shaped eyes” or the 04-05…… then I ponied up the cash for a new set from

I think it matches up with the JDM HID’s better than halogen fogs. I’ve had ion yellow bulbs in my clear-lense foglights which matched the HID better than halogen, but didn’t look nearly yellow enough (large diameter diffuses the intensity of the yellow).

I currently have black JDM mesh fog light covers on my bugeye (minus the STI lettering) I took out the JDM fog covers so has not to hide the ion-ness…

So it should look something like this

Doing their thing on an 04 STi in the rain:

installation/installed pics to follow : )


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