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STitch in time: Porkchop’s Bugeye

Ever see a car a forum post or website or magazine and wonder where it goes after a few years? Occasionally cars are sold, sometimes cars are wrecked, regularly cars are parted out, and frequently any mix of these things happens . . . Show cars will get wheels, new wheels, even newer wheels, painted a different color, and painted again, chewing through any number of bodykits to keep up with the latest trend . . . With track cars the hope is they haven’t crashed yet.

But on a rare occasion, you’ll see a car resurface years later completely the same – frozen in time as the great creation it once was.

This car was featured on in 2005. . . Randomly it just popped up on Nasioc the other day completely untouched from the way it was in 2005 (which looked stunning enough to make JTuned while that site was a big deal – except for engine/trans, additional miles, and track events – the owner is part of the GST Motorsports crew). So happy to see this car still on the road.

Photos: Porkchop (remixed by me)

Walkaround of visible mods
– JDM STI projector headlights
– JDM STI grille
– JDM STI version 2 front lip (two piece)
– JDM STI carbon fiber rear wing
– JDM Aero-mudguards (front and rear set)
– JDM STI solid fog covers
– Aqua reverse scoop
– OEM painted sideskirts
– OEM bodykit rear lip / diffuser
– RAYS Volk Racing TE37 Gunmetal wheels
– Work Meister S2R wheels (polished) (not pictured)
– Stoptech ST40 calipered 13″ big brake upgrade
– Bride bucket seating
– Kakimoto GT1.0Z cat-back
– Defi gauge pod + gauges
– Blitz FMIC
– Cusco front strut brace


Owner: “Tommy from MPJ Performance” – now of GST Motorsport a/k/a “Porkchop”


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