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Parts Bin: Stage21 rear window spoiler / Stage21 v-limited lip

First apologies for the lack of updates – been studying for a professional licensing exam and traveling lately.  Don’t worry that this blog won’t ever go the way of JTuned and some of the other ones – just might be gaps here and there depending on my level of going crazy with work.

Came across this part from Stage21 during a recent Minkara dive – it’s similar to the rear window spoiler that you’ve undoubtably seen in the past 2 years but some key differences

Made by Stage21 of Japan:

It could just be the picture, but it seems to stick out a bit more, and doesn’t have the breaks on the side before meeting the side of the glass.

-vs- The usual rear window spoiler that you always see**:

** There are a number of different iterations of this spoiler.  It first came onto the Subaru scene in 2002 when people realized that an AC Schnitzer BMW M3 rear window spoiler would “kind of fit” a GD WRX’s back glass.  A few people on Nasioc started making their own versions that fit the WRX’s lines better.  Can be bought on ebay or from Subaru vendors.

AC Schnitzer rear window spoiler on a BMW (ever wonder what that rectangle imprint was for):

Stage 21 has some other nifty parts for the GD WRX

wide(-er)  vented front fenders (the kind of wide fenders that can be used with OEM rear fenders and still look normal)

wiper cowl

– one of the best-fitting v-limited spoilers for the Bugeye that I’ve yet come across.


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