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Parts Bin replica JUN Bumper

Just came across this today – Apparently the JUN bumper (of JUN super lemon GDB time attack car fame) is back again in replica form

I actually had one my own bugeye at one point
^ ^ my cah

the JUN replica:

all carbon fiber model

More info on the JUN piece – A-Class Blog

This part was thought to be extinct for a long time… Gruppe-S produced replicas once several years ago, and JUN itself stopped all production of the $1000 original piece.

Now the part can be had from “Chaser Aero.” The company itself is a “replica kit” company which typically I DON’T support and quality is unknown. But here the part can’t be purchased new anymore from JUN, so it isn’t really losing a sale in the process.



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  1. It’s a nice idea, but I just can’t support this. 😦

    If JUN started producing them again, I’d scoop one up in a second. Out of production or not, this is still a fake. I’m sure the fitment isn’t good either.

    How was it on your Gruppe-S replica?

    July 6, 2011 at 7:41 am

    • johnisjdm

      Hey Cusson – thanks and you make a valid point, which is the same one that Bespoke Ventures has been saying for years (although to be fair they’re a JDM parts importer and have a pecuniary interest in the matter as well). And I would agree – but ONLY for parts that are currently being offered for sale by the original parts manufacturers.

      For the record: In my entire time of car ownership (9 years) I’ve spent probably ten to fifteen thousand dollars on new JDM or otherwise original-design parts… JDM parts companies love me. Moreover, I’ve never had a set of Rota wheels on my WRX in as much time (that has to be some kind of record).

      But not all replicas are bad. For example, if you went to a Subaru dealership right now to buy replacement parts chances are you wouldn’t be getting original FHI parts, you’d be getting cheaper “OEM” parts. I experienced the same thing when I was replacing a cracked windshield and decided to pay 3x as much for an original “Made in Japan” windshield at my dealership. When car models get older and car companies refocus their production lines on parts for newer cars, “OEM” parts companies take up production of the older parts.

      This is a similar instance:  the JDM part company has ceased all production of the part entirely, and thereby will not suffer economic harm from loss of sale to the replica makers. They’ve thrown in the towel on the bugeye model. As a result, bugeye owners are deprived of selection. Another example, in 2006 MINE’S stopped production of their decklid spoiler. I was searching for one with cash in hand, but getting nowhere with JDM parts Importers who were content to leave me with “sorry they don’t sell it anymore” and hang up without pointing me in the right direction. In the years MINE’S sold the decklid spoiler it enjoyed a relatively replica-free market. As such, I just couldn’t get the part period (come take my money!). But finally, RavSpec – a U.S. company – picked up production of the part the next year and was able to sell them for NOT cheap with wild success, making four production runs as they kept selling out. The demand was obviously there, but the production/supply had not been as MINE’S stopped making them.

      Here – no loss of sale is suffered by the original designer/manufacturer (which I would have a problem with if they did for reasons below) who should reap the full rewards of the marketplace for their innovative design.

      Moreover, it increases the selection available to bugeye owners whose avenues to parts sources are drying up by the day. Off the top of my head the following parts are now extinct: (1) OEM Subaru lip kit (2) STI v1 lip kit (3) JUN bumper (4) AQUA kit (5) Mine’s spoiler – and the list will go on with each passing year.

      Worth a random mention but Gruppe-S bumper was actually cut for the USDM bumper beam and required no modification at that time unlike the original JDM piece. In this sense of the word – it was a “value added” replica which is also something I can get behind but to far a lesser extent. The only problem was that painting it caused the gel coat to bubble and took a ton of labor hours to get it right. And come on: we’ve all had one or two replica parts at one time in our life.

      Now – I have to say that I am against replica parts of CURRENTLY OFFERED original design parts as they cause
      economic harm
      and stifle innovation: (1) The key example of economic harm is the Prodrive Lip – I had an authentic one already, and would have purchased a second authentic one when I needed a new one. However, by that point replica Prodrive lips were being sold on ebay for less than $100 – and so many people were buying them that the look was no longer unique (i.e. what’s the point of modification if all our cars are going to look like cookie-cutter versions of each other). I instead opted to not buy Prodrive lip (real or fake). Prodrive lost a sale from me, that I would have otherwise certainly made. (2) The key example of stifling innovation is the new GTR – SO many people have been buying replica parts that JDM manufacturers are only focusing their efforts on premium models like the new GTR over more affordable entries like the new WRX and STI. This is the “Bespoke Venture” argument which I fully support.

      July 6, 2011 at 5:27 pm

      • Normally I would love to debate after such a long response, but I COMPLETELY agree with you on this one.

        I think you make a great point about how, despite the fact that JUN owns the original design, they’re not losing any money as a result of this replica. It’s really a shame that the aero options for our cars are dwindling. Even the STi V2 front lip is difficult to find and you end up paying an enormous amount for it.

        I picked up the Prodrive lip over a year ago because I always liked the design on the bugeye. Then everyone started rocking it. I’m willing to bet there’s a car on every single page of the “Bugeye Thread” on NASIOC, with the Prodrive lip installed. It’s kind of lame, but I can’t hate because we really have so few options for the exterior.

        It would be great if some of the Japanese companies would put some time into the development of new aero for older models of the Subaru, but there’s just not enough demand. You see all kinds of kits for Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas and even Mazdas floating around, yet Subaru owners have always kind of gotten the short end of the stick. It’s basically OEM/STi or nothing.

        (I used to work at Bulletproof BTW).


        July 7, 2011 at 6:54 pm

      • johnisjdm

        Chris – haha sorry for the long response – just wanted to say what I do and don’t support without sounding tolerant of replica parts… I think writing it out helped me to understand better too haha. Pretty much just reproduction parts that keep selection alive for bugeye owners + don’t harm JDM parts companies that invest the $ into R&D.

        Never knew you used to work at bullet proof that’s kind of crazy!

        And I’m with you with the we started out with far fewer parts than the other makes – especially NISSAN. Get so mad when I see my couple of 240 friends rocking parts from companies I’ve never heard of… 6666 Customs GT Rodeo what? Super-Made Instant Gentleman who? Car Modify Wonder wtf? 😛

        July 10, 2011 at 4:57 am

  2. johnisjdm

    My post actually got me wondering

    $1250 Works
    $2000 Advans
    $1000 Advan tires
    $1600 new STI Brembos big brakes
    $1750 Stoptech big brakes
    $1000 black chrome STI headlights (set 1)
    $800 black chrome STI headlights (set 2)
    $300 Phillips Ultinon bulbs (not crappy knockoffs)
    $500 var. Cusco braces
    $700 Kakimoto catback
    $300 STI grille #1
    $200 STI grille #2
    $200 STI hoodscoop
    $300 Prodrive lip
    $700 Kaminari lip + 1 piece splitter (original design U.S. part)
    $400 OEM rear lip in aspen white (most expensive color)

    $13,000 and I’m kind of scared that that’s not even half of it LOL

    July 6, 2011 at 7:00 pm

  3. WhoisAnts

    I’m a little bit late, but I completely agree with you guys. I am not against companies that are trying to make discontinued parts available to the public as long as they are properly made with no corners cut. I however do not approve of Chaser, Chaser is a local company to me, and my community, the Honda S2000 Community, are well aware of their ill-fitting hardtops, bumpers, and other aero parts. Cheers, great blog!

    July 18, 2011 at 2:19 am

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