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BugeyeGarage Bugeye: Bugeye to the rescue

Snapped a few recent pics of my car while doing roadside rescue for another car.

I have new mods on the way which I’ll be posting on BugeyeGarage, so it’s good to get a few shots of my car up in its current state finally. JDM headlights are on the way (actually I have 2 sets now), replacing the ones I had on my car. You can finally check the JDM Ion yellow or “multi-coating type” foglights that I installed this summer.

I’ve also added a JNA v-limited lip recently. I find people like my car best when I have aggressive lips/bumpers, but I like it best when I can actually drive it without worrying about ripping bumpers off on steep driveways. Nice to actually DRIVE my bugeye like it’s a car.

wet and wild


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