is wonders assenbiled project ★

Abstract: SuperLap

Nothing wrong with a bugeye on some 18×9 +45 VolkRacing TE37SL in 5×100 bolt pattern. No hubpswap or adapters needed…

Nice to see a JDM manufacturer aside from work finally making wide sizes in 5×100 bolt pattern.

Ramez’s bugeye

Additional details
JDM rain visors
JUN eyelids
Replica Prodrive lip (left in black color á la Prodrive UK300)
Genuine Prodrive Edition STI sideskirts
JDM STI rear aero mudguards
STI wing
JDM STI hood scoop
JDM STI fog covers (solid)
JDM side markers
Bride seats
pink I-badge
ARC splitters
CF exhaust finisher
04 Taillights
Right hand drive and rear windshield wiper… stock ; ) This car is not from the U.S. (Antigua)


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