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Abstract: Picture Me Rollin No. 3

I appreciate seeing bugeyes that take the unconventional route to car modification and still come out clean looking:

I also wish I knew more about this car. Definite feature worthy if I had more pics/info. I know it’s a California car owned by FATT on Nasioc (thanks for the heads up ED!) and that I’ve seen it come up here and there. In any event, enjoy.

Visible mods walkaround:
– JDM STI version 1 front lip
– JDM STI fog covers
– JDM STI projector headlights (black)
– GTSpec grill (colloquially known as the ‘liberal replica’, but actually a zerosports style grill with the holes shaved off)
– Kaminari reverse cowl carbon fiber hood
– front mount oil cooler
– JDM rain visors
– Black STI brembo brakes à la STI Limited.
– Though I’m usually pretty good with wheels, these are eluding me even though I’ve seen them before. The JDM 7-spokes that look like Advan RG’s… lol.

Photo: Luis3rd


2 responses

  1. ED

    Owners name is Tim and nasioc handle is Fatt, i believe the car is just sitting in his garage for almost 2yrs now, he wont fill us in, he also owns a 05STI, anywho rolling shot was taken back in 08, and Tim was the lowest bug since ’06…NAd wheels were gramlights 57 something, black chrome…
    And also you’ll see Luis3rd 08 white STI on the reflection….

    November 6, 2011 at 2:43 am

    • fatt

      wow I can’t believe how random I just found this post? I was just browsing images and saw my car lol. I haven’t been active with cars lately. just been busy at work. the car has been slowly getting worked on. and will hopefully get completed soon. by the way the wheels are rays daytona 707’s in rmc (rays metal coating)

      December 28, 2011 at 7:17 am

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