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Parts Bin: JDM Aero mudguards

These aren’t particularly rare or unusual pieces to see on bugeyes. Although with the front pieces (but not the rears) now produced by replica companies, it’s a bit less common to see the full front & rear set of this JDM OEM Subaru part.  Subaru’s answer to those who like the idea of RallyArmour or STI mudguards, but think they look a bit utilitarian.  While they’re sexy, and likely functional at some level, I’ve heard they’re really more of a “looks” part.

I’ve always been a fan of these, and especially when used as a complete front&rear set.

More to come on this bugeye owned by OmegaKnight. Pics via JDMChicago.

Another great example: STitch in time: Porkchop’s Bugeye « BUGEYE GARAGE

What I didn’t know is that you can run the two front sets on opposing sides of the sideskirts.  Leave it to the Japanese to think up something like this:

Creative. I actually like it – Like a lot. More respect because those are likely two sets of authentic JDM aero mudguards since the car is a JDM STI. Reminds me somewhat of Hamann sideskirts for BMW’s. This is possible to do on the bugeye as well.

Note: of course I’m only kidding blurring out the blobeyes. ; ) click to un-censor. Details follow

Blue GDB-C (blobeye) STI

Project Mu big brake kit
RAYS Volk Racing TE37SL 18″
WRX sideskirts
JDM front aero mudguards (two pairs)
JDM (04+) rear lip/spat
CUSCO (04+) front lip (with canards)
VOLTEX rear wing delete
PROVA super taikyu rear wing (production model)
tow hook
fender flares (looks DIY/retrofitted)
CF hood
AQUA reverse hood scoop
JDM rain visors
Ganador super mirrors


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