is wonders assenbiled project ★

Abstract: Simply Cleaner…

Kind of reminds me of my car when I had the Prodrive lip, but I really like this bugeye belonging to Adizon over on Nasioc. What makes the car (in addition to the clean photography of Gus Dizon) are the raw looking black Enkei RPF1 wheels and TrackDogRacing front splitter mounted underneath the Prodrive lip. I only know one other person who was able to get ahold of the TDR splitter and used it with a Prodrive lip before they were discontinued by Track Dog, making it a rarity. To me it looks more tailor-made than the Prodrive/V-limited combo, and now it’s essentially irreproducible (though if I still had my Prodrive lip, I’d try… ; )

Also interesting is the lack of JDM grill, which is usually a foregone conclusion when you’ve done modding at this level. Always refreshing to see something done a little differently.

I’m jealous of your rear brembos

On another note, with another semesters worth of exams and post-exam craziness now out of the way many new posts on the way for 2012.

Happy New Years!


One response

  1. gus

    thanks for the nice little write up!

    January 1, 2012 at 2:49 am

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