is wonders assenbiled project ★

Something you’ve never seen before

Or maybe you have… This is an older Bugeye build from Taiwan (based on something I read about a decade ago so forgive me if I got that wrong ; )

Despite the obvious tons of modification I’m wondering if this didn’t start life as a WRX. It’s curiously left-hand-drive (though I guess TW is a LHD country), it lacks a rear windshield wiper, and it has a WRX scoop. And the most telling aspect – it has a third brake light (only equipped on wingless WRX’s; not equipped on STI’s or winged WRX’s with third brake lights on the wing; pointless to install later on). Sort of follows along the lines that if you know you’re going to replace everything anyway, may as well start with a WRX.

In any event, it’s one incredibly built bugeye.

visible mods:
– SYMS front lip (authentic)
– Prova sideskirts
– Prova rear lip
– JDM v7 STI-prodrive rear wing (NOT a usdm/jdm version 8 STI wing, didn’t exist at the time ;P)
– JDM STI headlights
– JDM STI GDB (v2 limited) grill
– JDM STI fog covers – authentic
– JDM STI CF side markers – authentic
– JDM STI spec C roof vent
– JDM STI factory roll cage – cherry blossom red
– Prodrive GC07 wheels (gold) – authentic
– AP Racing brakes with temperature indicator
– (probably) new car smell xD


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