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Shameless Plug for a Cause: University of Maryland – Spring Meet for Charity Flyer

Taking a minute to diverge from the normal Bugeye content to post up what’s been sucking up my free time (in a good way) for the past month.

I used to be part of a car club in college (University of Maryland) that puts on some of the biggest car meets (if not THE biggest) on the East Coast USA for nearly a decade – and all for Charity!  When I was there, I made the flyers for the event.  They started out fairly simple, but each year I would try and outdo the previous year with original artwork.

This past year due to problems with the venue the current car club members had to cancel the meet on the Friday before the Sunday that the meet was supposed to happen.  It was the first Charity Spring Meet to be cancelled and our credibility took a huge hit as a result. This year a lot of the alumni are coming back and donating their various talents to help organize the meet and get this thing back on track for CHARITY.  For my part, after a 4 year hiatus in making them, I donated a new meet flyer towards the event:

My inspiration was some of the older surrealistic 1950’s racing posters for Monaco Grand Prix etc. UMD’s campus is in the background (with the iconic grassy mall area turned into the Nurburgring and “M” traffic circle on Campus Drive) and the new venue, Baysox stadium, in the foreground.  I designed/airbrushed the car on the flyer completely from scratch!

I highly encourage everyone on the East Coast USA to come out and help a local charity.  Based on past attendance, this meet has pulled in nearly 5,000 cars from the area (the pictures are actual pictures of the meet) – hopefully we’ll get around the same at the new venue.

And now back to regularly scheduled bugeye content 😀 


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