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2002 Subaru WRX added to list of Greatest Cars of All Time

…one spot ahead of Bugatti Veyron 😛

Photo from daddy digital on nasioc

While awesome, this isn’t surprising pick.  When the bugeye WRX first came out the car was revolutionary.  There was no car on the market like it, and certainly not for the mid-$24,000 MSRP asking price (could be had for mid-$23k at most dealers).  It kicked off the WRX lineup in America – prior to then the impreza lineup consisted of the outback sport and N/A imprezas – – and recreated the Subaru brand as a sportscar maker, paving the way for the 2.5XT, Legacy GT, and upcoming BRZ models.

The bugeye model specifically a huge stir because of its outspoken fender flares and front end regarded as ugly by some (most) auto magazines.  Since then people have grown to dig the front end (partly driven by the fact that every WRX since has been comparatively more bland), and the car has developed a cult following.  The bugeye also had outstanding aftermarket support from Subaru and aftermarket parts manufacturers from day one, allowing owners to individualize and build their cars for whatever their purpose may be.  Anyway, nothing new, but recognition is always great! : )


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