is wonders assenbiled project ★

Vintage Build: Goodfinder

Epic bugeye of yesteryear: Goodfinder

Another bugeye that started out as a performance 4EAT build

Power & Breathing: APS SR30 ball bearing 320 HP turbo with size 15 turbine housing; APS R Series front mount intercooler; high flow silicone intercooler hose; HKS header; PDE up-pipe; Unichip engine management with boost control; APS high flow cold air intake; APS dual vent blowoff valve; STi fuel injectors; Denso Iridium spark plugs; Walbro GSS342 in-tank fuel pump with Bosch external fuel pump and Rotary Extreme fuel reservoir; Vishnu Performance parallel feed WRX fuel rails; inertia activated fuel pump cut-off switch; high flow dual inlet fuel pressure regulator; APS high output exhaust system; STi urethane muffler hangers; Quantum Racing radiator shield; AWD dyno tuning sessions; Fluidyne Radiator, Samco Hoses, Zero Sports Cool Thermo, and Zero Sports Radiator Cap; Setrab oil cooler, Accusump oil accumulator, Canton Mecca oil thermostat, Canton Mecca remote oil filter, Canton Mecca remote oil cooler sandwich adaptor; Optima group 35 Red Top battery

Drivetrain & Suspension: Complete JDM Subaru WRX STi Type RA Spec C DCCD 6-speed setup (including the 6-speed trans with Suretrac front LSD and driver adjustable center diff, 6-speed prop-shaft, 6-speed lightened flywheel, 6-speed standard clutch, 6-speed shifter, Subaru alloy front control arms, Subaru GDB (STi) spec front axles, ECU for center diff, control dial, JDM wiring loom, 3.90: R & P for the R160 rear diff); Group N transmission mount kit; Cusco complete coil-over system (fully adjustable); Cusco rear strut tower bar (carbon fiber); Cusco rear triangulation bar (V-brace add-on); regular 4-wheel performance alignments; Rev-Lab Q2 quick steering Rack

Rollers & Stoppers: Fikse “Mach V” 3-piece custom forged wheels (18×8); Michelin Pilot Sport (225/40 ZR18) tires; McGard SplineDrive lug nuts; TWR Racing Brake Package (4-piston calipers, 332mm 2-piece front brake rotors, 2-piston calipers, 320 mm 2-piece rear brake rotors; stainless steel brake lines); MRT master brake cylinder support bracket; SSR Competition (Type-C) wheels (17×7½); Kyokugen lug nuts

Fluids: Amsoil Series 2000 Synthetic 0W-30 Engine Oil; Ate Super Blue Racing brake fluid; Redline 75w90ns for the manual transmission & differentials; custom mix of Subaru coolant + distilled water + Redline Water Wetter

Outside: UK300 headlights; Catz HID conversion kit; GReddy front lip; STi 3-piece grill (Version 1); Aqua hood vent; C West Zero/Sports sideskirts (Thanks Mike!); Zero/Sports rear wing; Hella super horns; STi foglight covers; Bumper plugs; JDM front side markers; Becart license plate frame; PIAA silicone wiper blades; JDM Subaru badging; APR carbon mirrors

Inside: Defi center gauge pod with GReddy Boost, EGT, and Air/Fuel Ratio gauges; Autometer A-pillar gauge pod with GReddy Water Temp, Fuel Pressure, and Oil Pressure gauges; corner gauge pod with GReddy Oil Temp gauge; Momo Rallye 07 model 350mm steering wheel, TEKNIQ “Snap-Off” steering wheel release system, Daikei steering boss, and Daikei center adjustment spacer; Dakota Digital electronic AM/FM antenna; Ravelco and Auto-Lok protector systems; STi ignition key; Legend 5 aluminum floor mats; MyChron 3 Auto Gold XG for data acquisition, track mapping, gauge monitoring with alarm settings, sequential shift lights, and more; Nordskog Performance digital GPS speedometer; Alpine CDS-9811 head unit, Alpine MRV-F450 5 channel power amplifier, Alpine SWR-1221D 12” Type R Series subwoofer, Lightning Audio LSD 10-03 Strike Monitor digital cap; Autopower 4-point race roll bar with removable shoulder harness bar and removable cross-brace bar; Shroth 6 point racing safety harnesses; Levoc pedal covers; Amerex A352 Halon 1211 fire extinguisher with Brey Krause bracket

Recognition: the June 2002 issue of Import Tuner had a 4-page article entitled, “” featuring this WRX; Hot Import Nights – August 3rd 2002 – Dallas, TX: Hottest Subaru – 1st Place Subaru Class (first WRX ever to win nationwide USA show event recognition); / CarToys Car Show Tour September 7th 2002 – Arlington, TX: 1st Place – Best in Show; December 2002 “Featured Ride” at; Feature Car (“From the Office to the Apex”) in April 4th 2003 full-length article; October 2003 issue of HCI (Hot Compacts & Imports) had a 4- page article entitled, “Beauty and the Beast” exclusively profiling this WRX


3 responses

  1. I was on the Bugeye Thread this morning after about 7 months away. It was awful, what happened? The GDA has developed sort of a cult following in recent years, surely there’s someone who wants to do a proper build. Rotas, sticker bombs and broken front lips. It’s the same across the whole Subaru community.

    Paulie is honestly the only person, who still owns their bugeye and has continued to turn it into a thing of beauty.

    April 25, 2012 at 6:55 pm

  2. Mike

    Really like your blog! Check every couple of days and think you’re doing great work, small correction on this one I think. I believe the side skirts are zero/sports. Thanks for all the awesome Bugeye info and car features! Looking forward to future posts.

    April 26, 2012 at 3:08 am

  3. johnisjdm

    Amazing eye for detail – both on the car and in the fine print! Yeah that is a Zerosport side skirt on that car. I got the mods sheet from his old F/S thread, didn’t realize the pic above wasn’t the final iteration of the car : . Amazing catch + Thanks again.

    @ Chris : I agree but it’s slowly getting better! Stickerbombing and broken front lips with multicolored zip ties thankfully seems to be on the decline as they’re super-trendy and trends change like *that.* Not sure what’ll replace it, but occasionally you do find some great builds — I guess the issue is with bugeyes getting older harder for owners to justify dumping as much $ into the car 😀

    April 27, 2012 at 7:19 am

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