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Something Something Something Dark Side

An epic bugeye re-build out of Australia. If this car looks familiar you’ve probably seen it on Nasioc or any number of jdm-minded blogs. This insane wide body bugye used to be maddeningly red and feature a simpler front end with only a Prodrive lip. As the outside has become more aggressive (Varis front, HTAutos ‘bottom line’ kit on painted OEM sideskirts, Canards, vented Carbon hood (likely Seibon)) the color scheme becomes much more subdued – although to many much darker and more menacing looking.

Why this car went to the dark side (gray respray) is a mystery – it already had custom red paint beforehand (true fact: Bugeyes only came in metallic pearl Sedona Red)! Come on man, some of us haven’t even had our first resprays yet. I guess some people just like to switch it up from time to time. Keeps things minty fresh

The first thing that jumps to mind is the mindbending Evo FQ400 in graphite gray (seen piloted here by a Jeremy Clarkson). The car has even since been fitted with Black AME wheels (replacing the silver ones you see below)

I won’t post some of the pics of the car when it was red as they’ve already been posted everywhere else…

Well maybe one from AClassBlog

… “it’s down low” “no doubt”

photocred ultimately via: the lowdown
AClassBlog Full Featuer and another of this then-Red Bugeye.

Something something something… Complete.

Edit: I’m sleepy but —
Visual Walkaround
– Ganador mirrors
– some kind of wide body kit (helpful)
– AME Tracer TM02 wheels
– painted OEM sideskirts
– custom gray paint
– Bride seats
– Takata harness
– Seibon hood (Cusco replica hood / Aqua replica vent)
– some kind of canards (helpful)
– mesh foglight covers
– ARC frontmount intercooler
– JDM STI GDB grille
– JDM STI headlights (black)
– VARIS front lip
– VOLTEX rear diffuser
– Carbon trunk
– Smoked JDM side indicator lights (possibly factory Subaru/SAA ‘cocktail colors’ lights)
– Project µ big brake kit
– Aerocatch hood latches
– Roll cage
– 2006 WRX taillights
– benen industries rear tow hook
more complete modslist and pics (albeit of the red version) here


2 responses

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  2. touge from the 808

    beautiful car, interested as to what side skirt “bottom line” looking kit is used. although the dark silver is my favorite color its hard to not love that red more.

    August 20, 2012 at 5:49 pm

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