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So Jtuned is back.

The other day for no reason I typed “jtuned” into the address bar in my browser (really, I haven’t even thought of that blog in ages) and came across something very usual – apparently the twice defunct (but at its time the pinnacle of jdm blogs) jdm website is due to be relaunched in a few short minutes.

Back in the day the blog was really something else: it featured a minimalistic design that put all the focus on the cars, only three features per month or two, a handpicked assortment of artistically done j-spec and jdm cars which transcended the siloing of streetcar/showcar/trackcar, and the jaw-dropping photography of the best automotive photographer I’ve ever seen : Steve Demmitt.

The site was really at the top of the game in 2005 and 2006 – back then there weren’t really many jdm car blogs, and JTuned (like tunerzine) were fashioned as online magazines. The work that went into it was intense, but the work really showed. But after awhile the features began to grow further and further apart. For reasons unknown Steve Demmitt’s photography was removed from the website. And after awhile the updates stopped altogether. It was really a shame when the site went defunct. Anyone who runs a car blog (and I barely consider this one) can tell you that life makes consistent delivery of outstanding content difficult sometimes. Moreover the proliferation of jdm car blogs (sorry for partying) in recent years I’m sure has lessened the incentive that there once was to throw together amazing content on a monthly basis. But JTuned truly was the best, and it was a shame when it went defunct.

Moreover, the website had a notable affinity to Bugeyes (from memory, there were 4 bug eyes as feature cars: Nasif’s gold bugeye (RIP), Porkchop’s bugeye, D Money’s bugeye when it first hit the scene, and another stunning white bugeye (to later be posted)).

The site was taken over a few years ago by new management and the posts resumed, though the new layout was far busier than the original layout with its Google-like simplicity (I strive for Craigslist-like, personally).

As of this past weekend the website has displayed a nicely-designed countdown screen with a Nismo FIA GT GT-R, promising a new reinvigorated JTUNED – to be dropped in exactly 7 minutes from now. Lets hope it will deliver a gorgeous layout, outstanding feature cars, longevity, and bugeyes as the original JTUNED did.

Update: the counter was reset – pushed back by a month?

Update to Update: never updated after months…

the bugeyegarage bugeye c.2006


3 responses

  1. I’m very curious to see how this turns out. The last revamp (if you could even call it that), was pretty laughable. I hope they’ve got some good people involved and it doesn’t become another Speedhunters/Motor Mavens ripoff. The OG site will always be my all-time favorite Japanese car blog.

    July 10, 2012 at 5:43 am

  2. Haha, I just reread this post on my RSS reader, clicked to comment and realized you wrote it last year and I already commented!

    When I was in college I had some photo classes with one of their photographers and according to him the model (also his friend) Lisa Kim Flemming acquired JTuned and was pooling together a team of people to get the site going again – this was in 2009 though.

    Like you said – car blogs are fewer and further between these days. I’m happy to be keeping mine active however it has become a bit of a chore to find worthwhile content and it’s tough to compete with the bigger blogs with armies of Internationally based photographers and contributors. I’m glad to see you posting again though!

    July 21, 2013 at 12:56 am

  3. johnisjdm

    Haha yeah the update was just to note that after a full on year they never went through with the update. I remember that first redesign. When they advertised it as a ‘new social experience’ I was thinking someone was finally going to make an English language “facebook for cars” type site like CarFiend now is to an extent, but good like Minkara. But I’m sure any original creation beyond simply putting together a wordpress blog is pretty involved (even then putting together quality stuff for WP is involved too ! ).

    And yeah been trying to get back into posting for awhile! Been staying up on AClass — I tried to position BugeyeGarage in a way where I can just post whenever I have time to look at Subie pics and find content but haven’t even had that til now. Feels good to get into it again!

    July 21, 2013 at 7:03 pm

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