is wonders assenbiled project ★

Blue on Gold: the classic GDB

Really hard to really beat a world-rally-blue on (original-Advan-RG-)gold bugeye with all of Subaru Technica International’s JDM factory upgrade goodies.

More pics of this bugeye on this site (not an STi though, just an exceptionally clean looking and characteristically classic WRX)

– JDM STI projector headlights (black)
– JDM STI pink badge
– JDM STI GDB grill
– JDM STI version 2 front lip
– JDM STI scoop
– JDM STI carbon wing
– USDM OEM painted sideskirts
– USDM OEM bodykit strakes
– USDM OEM bodykit rear lip
– carbon hood
– Advan RG wheels 18″ / gold
– Subaru 4-pot brakes red / black ‘subaru’ lettering
– yellow tinted foglights (Lamin-X or equivalent)


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