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Abstract: Snow Drift

Been hella busy lately and also shooting to retool the site soon, sorry for the lack of updates – hopefully that will be short lived.

For now enjoy this really really old school video which first appeared on the internet around 2002-2003 (I.e. these are practically brand new WRX wagons tearing up a frozen lake back in the day)

Happy winter (or summer to the Aussie bugeyers) : )


Abstract: Zeekay’s Malaysian version 7 STI bugeye

One of my favorite things about trolling the interwebs and finding pics to post on bugeyegarage is finding cars from different areas of the world. I think so far this blog has dotted the globe with monster HP bugeyes in Puerto Rico (U.S. but pretty exotic and amazing stuff), Jspec bugeyes innumerable as they are unbelievable in Japan, several insane Aussie bugeyes, Irish bugeyes, various UK bugeyes, various Canadian bugeyes, Swiss bugs, Taiwanese bugeyes, Hawaiian bugeyes (again U.S. but pretty exotic and amazing JDM builds), Brazilian bugeyes, Antiguan bugeyes, countless USDM bugeyes, and other bugeyes spread across the globe – and certainly more to come.

This bugeye belongs to Zeekay and resides in Malaysia.

As I think these pics exemplify, the Malaysian tuning scene generally tends to be on the wild side (note the crazy yellow Forester and STI). Depending on where you are, this bugeye could look a bit bold for some, but I think the parts actually compliment each other pretty well and certainly one of the most creative builds I’ve seen. Additionally, this car is in Malaysia so you can get away with more and it fits right in. 🙂

Seen here are:
– Varis hood
– 04-05 JDM STI lip with the side parts cut off and installed on an 02-03 bumper + custom front splitter and canards (perhaps Eurou?)
– 04-05 Chargespeed side and rear bottom line kit installed on 02-03 sideskirts and rear bumper AND side/rear JDM STI aero mudguards
– VolkRacing TE37 wheels (presumably)
– STI wing, STI grill, 04-05 taillights on the OEM 02-03 bumper, Jdm rainvisors, factory rear windshield wiper / etc.

Abstract: WRC-Lite

Saw this car come up for sale not too long ago (unsure if it sold) and was thinking about it this past week. Oftentimes you see WRC replicas with the full graphics scheme, but this car takes a different approach: just a few hints of an S7 (bugeye) WRC car here and there but things that aren’t necessarily intuitive when you look at a WRC car, and enough to really catch your eye: WRC style headlights with the high-beam-area ducts, rally fogs, drop in hood vent, Spec C roof vent, WRC extended wing, trunk-pins (because the extended wing and accompanying downforce can’t keep it shut on it’s own :p ). Meanwhile, no widebody or graphics to be found. Some more unusual items like Formula mirrors and Zerosport ducts that somehow don’t look all that out of place. The Rota G-Forces, while Rotas, evoke the wide Prodrive race wheels on the S7.

Just a nice looking street car… but kind of makes me want to swap a twin scroll setup with anti lag, gravel tires, and extreme-travel suspension and hit some trails. : ]

Things that Money Can Buy

Money can buy a lot of things, and presently it can get you this nicely modified S202 currently for sale on GooNet. If you’re lucky, maybe it can even buy you the lawyer you’ll need to work through the legal tangles of actually importing one (unless you live in the UK or other jurisdictions that seem to be much cooler about foreign cars). But it doesn’t take any money to appreciate how ridiculous this car is. Take Subaru’s rare 1 of 400 ever made, 320ps-from-the-factory bugeye, and go to town on it.

Chargespeed full front bumper

Sparco bucket, “because rare black v7 seats aren’t supportive enough for what I’m using it for” and Ganador super mirrors = check.

Ridiculously tall GT wing that probably gets put to *actual* use = check.

That’s a SYMS ’06+ STI bumper (which also fits bugeyes) with integrated diffuser = check.

Factory Brembos are so ’02! The RA-R’s are up to 6-pots, and no reason that this track beast shouldn’t have some ENDLESS 6-pot stoppers under the 17″ s202 wheels made by RAYS wheels = check.

Cockpit designed for a purpose. Lap timer mounted above the steering column = check.

Engine is on the tamer side compared to the Tsukuba-ready exterior, but I’ve noticed that Japanese track builds tend to focus more on things like suspension, brakes, and tires, all tuned meticulously – even obsessive-compulsively – to eek out every last ounce of performance of the car for a given track. It’s really in the U.S. that you see random road cars with GT4088R turbos putting down monstrous HP as more of a common goal. I think I read somewhere once that in Japan the goal is a well tuned engine that is well suited to the circuit or medium in which the car is used, rather than meeting some arbitrary power benchmark on the dyno.

“They say money can’t buy happiness? Well look at the smile on my face… Ear to ear baby!”

Abstract: How It’s Done…

Proof you can’t really go wrong with OEM/JDM.



I don’t know if you’ve noticed the lengths that I go to (in a mostly non-serious way) to keep non-bugeyes off this blog. Even when discussing a part which fits all the GD WRX models regardless of year. It’s not really that I have anything against the other model years, in fact I kind of dig them at times. It’s just that you can see those cars anywhere, and I think what makes Bugeyegarage special is its focus only on one nichey (albeit awesome) variety of the new age Impreza.

But then again, life is short, and how many times are you going to see all the special S20x model imprezas all lined up together, in order, in one place?

Throughout the years, STI has offered extremely exclusive variants of their top-of-the-line STI models, carrying the name S201 (classic impreza), S202 (bugeye), S203 (blobeye), S204 (hawkeye), and in the newer generation, R205 (GRB hatch), S206 (GVB sedan). These cars are macked out with limited edition parts – ranging from titanium exhausts, matte black dash trim, Recaro seats, bordering-on-exotic treatment suede leather key fobs and manuals, carbon wings, 6-pot brakes, purpose-designed BBS wheels, among a host of other luxury and performance upgrades.

The S201 was the first car to start it all. Granted by todays standard the look was quite boy-racerish, but then again lest we forget that was the style at the time. 🙂 Car was based on the much more boldly-styled STI Elektra One concept.

Next along of course was the S202, a few of which have been featured on bugeyegarage. Characterized by its sonic yellow paint option, front mount oil cooler, CE28N-themed and RAYS-built one-off STI wheels, and carbon wing. Interestingly the first car to break Japan’s post World War II accord to limit cars to 276 PS. The S202 weighed in at 320 PS.

The blob eye years brought the S203. Unlike the earlier S201 and S202, STI this time took a more refined approach, switching out the bronze Rays wheels for silver, almost European-style one-off BBS wheels in ‘diamond black’ and similar in appearance to BBS RE’s. The interior brought suede trim options and Recaros that would look equally in place in a 996 (at the time) Porsche Carrera. Touring style wing.

Not too many changes for the S204 model but bringing the S20x line to the hawkeyes. STI parted ways with the (possibly considered less sophisticated?) metal wing-mounts in favor of a solid one-piece wing design.

You can begin to see the transgression of the S20x line from boy-racerish to sport-luxury through the spoilers.

Matching vanity license plates makes me wonder if they aren’t all under single ownership (whether factory or private individual), making this an outstanding collection of the s20x line in their iconic colors (s202 was the first to offer sonic yellow, s203 – san remo red).

The newer generation has sine brought a resurgence of race-inspired looks to the S20x line.

R205 (right) and S206 (left)… The R205 still maintained some of the civility of the later generation S203 and S204, but the S206 brought it back to racing with a carbon roof, tall touring wing, and louvered fenders. Interestingly since STI left the WRC in 2008 (I would have to gather that WRC-dominance by three-doors was the principle reason for making the STI a hatch in 2007), the focus of the S206 line has shifted to its Nürburgring-focused Subaru factory touring car entry.

Note: R205 license plate… it doesn’t stop! Amazing collection of cars.

For more fun – s202, s203, and s204 meet and drive in Japan

and now back to bugeyes…

Abstract: So there’s that

Have you seen Adrian’s 828 horsepower bugeye tuned by Jr. ?

I try and not repost current stuff from the bugeye thread on Nasioc because it’s duplicative, and try and vary content sources, but then there’s that crazy, definitive post which just needs immediate republication all over the interwebs.

Everyone outside of Puerto Rico knows that Junior builds the baddest bugs : )

Parts bin: Mystery revealed

Awhile ago I posted up this mystery hood:

Came across this pic the other night on Minkara described as “unknown hood” by the owner of the car… Never seen it ever before anywhere but I love/want it (painted though)

The front vent reminds me of the Kaminari reverse cowl hood for Bugeyes though it clearly isn’t (this hood has an integrated scoop for one)… or a Firstmolding hood for blobeyes.

…also reminds me of something you’d find on a Skyline GT-R from Top Secret

Has anyone seen this bugeye hood before / know the manufacturer?

I’ve come across a few more examples of it since…

edit: Updated for pics (never mind the lambo doors >.< )

It turns out that it’s a ‘Shift Sport’ hood which can be had right here. Unfortunately, like all JDM carbon goodies it retails at over $1,000 (plus shipping and wait times) 😐

Still pretty neat with the integrated scoop and vent. Definitely reminiscent of the TS2001 GT-R hood. I definitely have never seen a car with it outside of Japan.

Abstract: Not a billet grill

Just a FMIC the size of a small refrigerator on this STI-swapped Bugeye 2.5RS. Also love the dedication to the C-West brand: CWest v2 front bumper, Cwest sideskirts, CWest rear lip, CWest hood, and CWest v1 grill. Set off nicely with some rally touches UK300 headlights, WRC mirrors, and RA roof vent . The intake manifold is an older high-grade Magnus piece set up for short FMIC piping, not the cheap ebay manifolds. Epic performance build by dangerousatom on Nasioc.

> for more <

M-Sport by Dee.

LOVE this bugeye from Dee hailing from Japan with a full blown M-Sport wide body kit. M-Sport is the kit that made its debut on the Team Orange hawk eye and blobeye drift cars. It looks seriously cool on blobeyes. But unfortunately M-Sport kits aren’t even made for the bugeye, joining the ranks of Impreza parts manufacturers who neglected the poor bugeye. But as the only material differences between the bug-blob-hawk eyes over the years has largely been the front facia and rear facias – this guy made it work. (specifically by using a WRC replica front bumper to compliment the front – thing looks meaner than the M-Sport front actually!)

Work 11R** wheels and money-brand Endless calipers.

Gorgeous, gorgeous WRX…