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Parts Bin: Prodrive STi Grill

I’ve always been more into the regular JDM STI grill, because of the more rounded 3d appearance, but this rare Prodrive UK piece is one of the few grills that makes me rethink that. It’s part of a 3-piece grill set that can use the stock side-pieces (or any other side piece that permits a factory-sized center grill piece). Pretty hard to top, rarer than the STI grill, comes factory from Subaru on the STI-Prodrive model, and as shown here flows magnificently with the Aqua reverse Hoodscoop and STI version 2 lip. Add some SSR Professor SP1 and you’re ready to roll – in true ‘Panda style.’

via v2lab


Parts Bin: Innovator – Zerosports Grill + LED

Two of the most love-it-or-hate-it things come together: Zerosports grill and LED retrofit. The result: I kind of dig it. Not something I’d run out and do tomorrow personally, but doesn’t look bad.

’02 WRB WRX Wagon: Blue Meanie

From the owner:  “When I got this grille I felt the same as you, like something was missing, so just out of curiosity I pulled these LEDs out and they fit perfectly. I ended up dremeling out the holes a tiny bit just to get them to fit more flush but they literally just snap in. Also fit perfectly into the DRLs too!”

This is the part. Be warned it’s from APC >.<

The Zerosports grill has always looked like it was missing something with the three holes on either side – perhaps trying to echo the lines of the three holes on either side of the bugeye sedan bumper. Oddly enough LED’s fit the holes perfectly (I’d probably skip the parking light LED)

The Zerosports grill is part of the recently revived company’s lip kit lineup for the GD impreza, not to be confused with its full aero kit offering:

Rare full Zerosports lip kit

Over the years the grill was the runaway success of the company’s aero offerings for the GD Impreza. Even the grill commonly known as the “Liberal replica” is in actuality a Zerosport grill with the holes shaved off (which just by coincidence looks like the Liberal grill).


Parts Bin: GP Sports/Chokets lip

Rare GP Sports/Chokets lip on the bugeye.

Can’t forget Wedsport SA55M wheels, Zerosports grille, CWEST carbon headlight covers for JDM projectors…

Parts Bin replica JUN Bumper

Just came across this today – Apparently the JUN bumper (of JUN super lemon GDB time attack car fame) is back again in replica form

I actually had one my own bugeye at one point
^ ^ my cah

the JUN replica:

all carbon fiber model

More info on the JUN piece – A-Class Blog

This part was thought to be extinct for a long time… Gruppe-S produced replicas once several years ago, and JUN itself stopped all production of the $1000 original piece.

Now the part can be had from “Chaser Aero.” The company itself is a “replica kit” company which typically I DON’T support and quality is unknown. But here the part can’t be purchased new anymore from JUN, so it isn’t really losing a sale in the process.


Parts Bin: Stage21 rear window spoiler / Stage21 v-limited lip

First apologies for the lack of updates – been studying for a professional licensing exam and traveling lately.  Don’t worry that this blog won’t ever go the way of JTuned and some of the other ones – just might be gaps here and there depending on my level of going crazy with work.

Came across this part from Stage21 during a recent Minkara dive – it’s similar to the rear window spoiler that you’ve undoubtably seen in the past 2 years but some key differences

Made by Stage21 of Japan:

It could just be the picture, but it seems to stick out a bit more, and doesn’t have the breaks on the side before meeting the side of the glass.

-vs- The usual rear window spoiler that you always see**:

** There are a number of different iterations of this spoiler.  It first came onto the Subaru scene in 2002 when people realized that an AC Schnitzer BMW M3 rear window spoiler would “kind of fit” a GD WRX’s back glass.  A few people on Nasioc started making their own versions that fit the WRX’s lines better.  Can be bought on ebay or from Subaru vendors.

AC Schnitzer rear window spoiler on a BMW (ever wonder what that rectangle imprint was for):

Stage 21 has some other nifty parts for the GD WRX

wide(-er)  vented front fenders (the kind of wide fenders that can be used with OEM rear fenders and still look normal)

wiper cowl

– one of the best-fitting v-limited spoilers for the Bugeye that I’ve yet come across.

Wheels: Advan Racing RG / Advan Racing RGII

When you can’t decide on one:

Front: Advan Racing RG
Rear: Advan Racing RGII

Parts Bin: Wagon Option

There are decidedly fewer options out there for external modification if you own a WRX wagon. This is because while the wagon and sedan have the same powertrain, on the outside there are some key differences: The WRX sedan’s bumper is wider and differently shaped to accommodate its wider fenders. Unfortunately this means that aftermarket sedan lips and bumpers are too wide for the wagon bumper and fenders. Even though the WRX wagon bumper in my opinion looks nicer than the sedan’s bumper, fewer companies make parts for the wagon.

There have been some workarounds – many people swap to sedan front fenders/bumper (bolt-on mod) to take advantage of sedan parts up front (however it’s more expensive than adding a simple lip, and possibly looks unbalanced without the rear sedan fenders – which can also be added, but not a bolt-on, and very expensive)

For those that don’t want to go through all that trouble I’m a big fan of these mods for the wagon – it’s probably how I would modify a bugeye wagon if I had one:

OEM Sedan 3-piece rear lip / diffuser – custom fit on a wagon bumper
No idea how little or much work went into making it fit but it looks solid.

BURN-UP WRC front bumper for wagons
While surfing Minkara one day I came across these pics. Turns out the WRC replica bodykit maker Burn-Up now makes their WRC bumper for the wagon. I like it because it looks functionally the same as the sedan-only STI-Prodrive Edition bumper… but much harder:

More pics and info on the Burn-Up wagon bumper

this last car has an S7 (WRC)-style hood and bottom part/lip is body-color-matched which is why it looks a bit different than the other pics.

Abstract: Prodrive Bugeye A/K/A This is why we can’t have nice things

from when Prodrive USA was still around…

Photo: Andy Tran

Taking a rare moment to edit this post in light of the recent bankruptcies or otherwise closures at Zerosports, ARC, HKS USA, Prodrive USA, and before that SSR.

It seems that all JDM blogs lately like Aclassblog, JDM EGO, and Bulletproof (although they have a vested interest to be sure ;_) have been railing against the replica parts epidemic of the last few years like it’s a thing to do…

I bought this authentic Prodrive WR-Sport lip for my car right around the time that Prodrive USA was going out of business. It was NOT an expensive part, costing roughly $240 shipped. For that small money you got wind-tunnel-tested R&D, original design (which imho is the most important), and an OEM-quality part which Prodrive actually used on its limited edition “UK300” model WRX’s which were sold in England. Even though the lip isn’t exactly a formula one gearbox, it comes from the same company that has cars in WRC, Formula One, and FIA GT series – I couldn’t imagine it fitting anything less than 100% perfect.

But then came the replicas… costing bugeye owners less money than I keep in my wallet (and I’m a student!). Soon every bugeye on the block had the replica model. When I needed to buy a new one, I ended up buying a different lip altogether, just because I didn’t want to look like every other bugeye out there. I considered but rejected the idea of getting another Prodrive lip (even though they look amazing…)

To me this is dispositive proof of the REAL harm done by replicas: People who would shell out the cash for the original model don’t want the original because everyone HAS the replica. In this example: Prodrive lost business from both people who would only buy authentic models AND people who would buy replicas if available.

Everyone should read this blog post (via “The Real JDM” aka BulletproofAutomotive by way of JDM EGO) which really captures the heart of the beast. Basically: there are far fewer new aftermarket parts being produced for our market segment (introductory level sports cars) due to replica parts. The only time this might be OK is to bring parts back into production that are no longer available by the original manufacturer (i.e. “OE” parts)

Parts Bin: JDM Subaru “Ion” Yellow Foglights for Bugeyes

Just scooped up something new for my bugeye : D

This is one thing that I’ve always been jealous of 04-05 STI owners for having available to them (well that and an STI models) – JDM “Ionic” blue yellow foglights. Yellow fogs are used on FIA GT cars because of better visibility in inclement weather. Only recently did I learn that Subaru actually makes them for the bugeye as well.

If you can believe it, these are actually FACTORY Subaru foglights straight from the STI catalog. I think for 8 years I’ve just been glazing over that part of the catalog because I have foglights and I just assumed they were the same that come stock on bugeye WRX’s. However, there’s apparently an option called “Multi-Coating Type” fog lights that I’ve never paid much attention to. I have never seen them on a U.S. bugeye.

Unfortunately they’re not exactly cheap – some sites have them listed at $415 thanks to the less than ideal JPY-to-USD conversion rate. However, sometimes you can get lucky and find one used – I came across a used set at a fraction of the price. I bought a used set of 04-05 ion foglights because I thought “watery eyes” in Japanese referred to the blue color, when what they apparently meant was “teardrop-shaped eyes” or the 04-05…… then I ponied up the cash for a new set from

I think it matches up with the JDM HID’s better than halogen fogs. I’ve had ion yellow bulbs in my clear-lense foglights which matched the HID better than halogen, but didn’t look nearly yellow enough (large diameter diffuses the intensity of the yellow).

I currently have black JDM mesh fog light covers on my bugeye (minus the STI lettering) I took out the JDM fog covers so has not to hide the ion-ness…

So it should look something like this

Doing their thing on an 04 STi in the rain:

installation/installed pics to follow : )

Parts Bin: Polished Intake Manifold

This is a mod I’ve been thinking about for some time

I’m surprised that this isn’t more common for how clean it looks – polishing engine parts may be more common to the domestic/hot rod scene and its a little extra effort (or expense if you don’t do it yourself)… but I think it looks way better than painted (e.g. STi) or bare manifold. Reminds me of a GTR and the kind of attention to detail like you’d find on a more expensive car.

So clean.