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Abstract: Picture Me Rollin No. 3

I appreciate seeing bugeyes that take the unconventional route to car modification and still come out clean looking:

I also wish I knew more about this car. Definite feature worthy if I had more pics/info. I know it’s a California car owned by FATT on Nasioc (thanks for the heads up ED!) and that I’ve seen it come up here and there. In any event, enjoy.

Visible mods walkaround:
– JDM STI version 1 front lip
– JDM STI fog covers
– JDM STI projector headlights (black)
– GTSpec grill (colloquially known as the ‘liberal replica’, but actually a zerosports style grill with the holes shaved off)
– Kaminari reverse cowl carbon fiber hood
– front mount oil cooler
– JDM rain visors
– Black STI brembo brakes à la STI Limited.
– Though I’m usually pretty good with wheels, these are eluding me even though I’ve seen them before. The JDM 7-spokes that look like Advan RG’s… lol.

Photo: Luis3rd


Abstract: Sonic Boom

via Pencils on Nasioc

Abstract: Polarized

RS420 from Nasioc’s 2-tone madness

Abstract: Under the Radar

Sometimes the best-looking subies go less that noticed both in terms of public recognition and actually catching the extra attention to detail that people have put into their cars.

I just came across this bugeye wagon with version 2 STI front lip on a full sedan front swap (needed to directly fit the V2 lip)… and one of the more interesting swaps I’ve seen: full “Saabaru” rear end – with rear lift-gate/hatch, bumper and taillights from a Saab 9-2x (i.e. the Saab-branded WRX).

I’m a bugeye purist, but I have to admit that rear end is gorgeous. The Saab 92X rear actually looks more like a refined/updated version the bugeye wagon rear, than do some of the 04-07 wagon rears.

Oh yeah the RS is pretty damn spectacular too… Just focusing more on the bugeye because it’s in the name of the blog… something : D

Photos and owner of Ridge Blue Pearl 2.5RS: Aaron’z 2.5RS on Nasioc

Abstract: Quadroporte

Like a boss

Quadsbc’s impreza

Abstract: Picture me rollin’ No. 2

Gotta give it up to Chris over at AClassBlog – he has a ridiculously clean JDM version 7 themed bugeye rolling on authentic Advan RS wheels. Much like me, he’s so busy posting other people’s epic builds and expounding (quite thoughtfully) on motorsports and car culture in general that he neglects to post sick shots of his own car sometimes!

Abstract: miniaturize

Hotwheels bugeye / Segway bugeye / Bit Char-G bugeye… like it’s a thing to do.

Good for a Friday post : P

Abstract: SuperLemon

On a JUN note I came across a pic from TAS 2002 of the Jun Super Lemon GDB – possibly the most iconic bugeye out there – that I hadn’t seen before

For such a high profile car, decent hi-res pics of it are somewhat elusive

A couple good videos though

Trying to find online (or upload) the video of the JUN WRX from “Hot Version Vol. 64” DVD doing time attack laps in wet track conditions…

Abstract: HighwayStar!

With the WRX’s as popular as they are in Australia and New Zealand it isn’t unimaginable to think Mad Max would drive a bugeye:

photos via Nasioc via HighwaystarPP (the owner) via the guys at CANIBEAT blog (photographers)

Abstract:If you’re not a Manc you’re a wank

See I post SRP bugeyes : )

Hailing from the UK this track car represents an interesting twist on the look of a bugeye Prodrive UK300