is wonders assenbiled project ★

Abstract: Do Epic Sh*t

If you’re going to have a fully built bugeye track star, you may as well use it!

 photo p1-1_zps4c04601b.jpg
 photo p1-2_zps7396508d.jpg
 photo p3_zps40432a95.jpg
 photo friday-i-dgaf-28_zps530b9b7b.jpg

visual breakdown
+ matte black paint
+ Racing Hart CP035 rear wheel
+ Volk Racing CE28N front wheel
+ Endless big brake kit
+ Varis carbon hood
+ STI spec C roof vent
+ Ganador Super mirrors
+ WRC front bumper (Burnup or L’aunsport)
+ Chargespeed v2 sideskirts
+ Varis rear diffuser
+ big wang

 photo p1_zps5121b999.jpg


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