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Snapshot of the Day: GQ GGA

Not enough pics of this wagon to do a full feature (yet… I’ll update if need be) and it’s a bit of a throwback, but it’s one of the first wagons to do the sedan front AND REAR wide fender swap…

The sedan rear fender swap is neither cheap nor easy and requires major custom bodywork. This guy got sedan front fenders to also fit with a wagon front bumper (also major custom bodywork). There is another bolt on method for sedan front fenders on a wagon, but this isn’t it.

via the owner: “The car did go under lots of surgery and let me tell ya, it sure aint easy as it looks, sure is not “bolt on here” and “bolt on there” type of deal. Like i said, lots of time and money have been invested in this car, I have no major sponsorship and the car was worked on by me. The fender job and paint believe it or not cost just a little under 8k” – gqzboy

Car was featured in C16 magazine: [1], [2], [3]

Car was also featured in DSPORT magazine

Visible/Known mods:
– Kandy Blue Paint
– Liberal wagon lip kit (front lip, sideskirts, rear lip)
– Liberal front grille (authentic)
– JDM wagon waste spoiler for hatch
– JDM rain visors
– JDM STI headlights
– JDM STI carbon marker cover
– JDM STI mesh foglight covers
– APS DR500 front mount intercooler
– OEM wagon rear bumper
– OEM sedan rear fenders (metal/oem)
– OEM wagon front bumper
– OEM sedan front fenders (metal/oem)
– STI brembo front brakes (replacing a Stoptech BBK – I also made the switch to Brembo)
– Gram Lights 57Pro wheels – repainted red (unknown size)
– Chargespeed seats
– Cwest headlight covers
– Aqua hood scoop vent
– Ganador mirrors
– Tein coilovers
– Cusco chassis braces

Engine – Editors note: you can tell this guy is an O.G. bugeye owner by the mod selection… a lot of these parts were more common for bugeye builds while they were still new.
– Power Enterprise PE1820 turbo
– Perrin Short Ram intake
– 585cc STI fuel injectors
– Walbro fuel pump
– Ecutek ECU
– GP Moto equal length headers
– Vishnu uppipe
– PERRIN downpipe
– HKS carbon-Ti catback/sti axle back exhaust
– KB short shifter
– polished intake manifold
– sti replica front strut bar
– noltec front endlink
– samco hoses


4 responses

  1. Dat

    My buddy at Kustom Imports did the body work on that car. The car did look amazing when it was done.

    February 16, 2011 at 4:31 am

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