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Parts Bin: Wagon Option

There are decidedly fewer options out there for external modification if you own a WRX wagon. This is because while the wagon and sedan have the same powertrain, on the outside there are some key differences: The WRX sedan’s bumper is wider and differently shaped to accommodate its wider fenders. Unfortunately this means that aftermarket sedan lips and bumpers are too wide for the wagon bumper and fenders. Even though the WRX wagon bumper in my opinion looks nicer than the sedan’s bumper, fewer companies make parts for the wagon.

There have been some workarounds – many people swap to sedan front fenders/bumper (bolt-on mod) to take advantage of sedan parts up front (however it’s more expensive than adding a simple lip, and possibly looks unbalanced without the rear sedan fenders – which can also be added, but not a bolt-on, and very expensive)

For those that don’t want to go through all that trouble I’m a big fan of these mods for the wagon – it’s probably how I would modify a bugeye wagon if I had one:

OEM Sedan 3-piece rear lip / diffuser – custom fit on a wagon bumper
No idea how little or much work went into making it fit but it looks solid.

BURN-UP WRC front bumper for wagons
While surfing Minkara one day I came across these pics. Turns out the WRC replica bodykit maker Burn-Up now makes their WRC bumper for the wagon. I like it because it looks functionally the same as the sedan-only STI-Prodrive Edition bumper… but much harder:

More pics and info on the Burn-Up wagon bumper

this last car has an S7 (WRC)-style hood and bottom part/lip is body-color-matched which is why it looks a bit different than the other pics.


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